Introducing Visualmed App: A Revolution in Accessing Medical Literature

Visualmed is a cutting-edge smartphone app designed to provide medical professionals with visual abstracts and summaries of landmark clinical trials across medicine and surgery. Updated monthly with 40-50 new influential studies, the app covers all medical and surgical specialties.

The inspiration behind Visualmed was the need for an efficient and reliable method for healthcare providers to access and review scientific literature, enabling them to make informed medical decisions in real-time. While physicians and healthcare professionals often rely on abstracts and discussions from major studies, they risk missing crucial information due to time constraints. Visualmed offers visually appealing representations of clinical studies’ key points, presenting medical literature in an engaging and accessible format.

Meet the Creator of Visualmed: Dr. Usama bin Nasir, MD

Dr. Usama Nasir, a graduate of Rawalpindi Medical College in Pakistan, created Visualmed. After completing medical school, he pursued an internal medicine residency at the University of Connecticut Health Center and later completed his cardiovascular fellowship at Baystate Medical Center. Dr. Nasir is currently a board-certified cardiologist working full-time at Hartford Healthcare. Dr. Nasir is also a self-taught graphic designer and web developer with 15 years of part-time experience in the field. You can find him on Twitter: @usamanasirmd or email him at [email protected]

The Visualmed Team

Medical students, physicians, and healthcare professionals worldwide contribute to Visualmed’s global success. The team includes:

Dr. Kathir Balakumaran, MD: A heart failure cardiologist in Cleveland, Dr. Balakumaran has contributed significantly to the early dissemination of Visualmed abstracts on Twitter and reviews the app’s cardiovascular section.

Dr. Junaid Farooq, MD: Infection disease lead and contributor. Dr. Farooq reviews and contributes to the infectious disease section of the Visualmed app.

Dr. Shreyash Bhoyar, MBBS: Responsible for summarizing all visual abstracts before publication in the app.

Dr. Muhammad Faisaluddin, MD – Contributer

Dr Krititi Vattikonda, MD – Contributer

Becoming a Contributor

If you’re interested in joining the Visualmed team, feel free to contact us through the app’s contact button.

Article Selection

While all clinical trials offer educational value, Visualmed focuses on studies with a substantial impact on guidelines and medical therapy. Article prioritization is based on review articles, expert opinions, and our experiences throughout medicine residency and cardiology fellowship.


Visualmed visual content is copyrighted under Creative Commons: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0). The icons are either self-designed or licensed from online services. 

Please note that the abstract content or articles mentioned on this app are the property of their respective journals. The information from these articles is presented on this site under the Fair Use legal doctrine (Section 107 of the Copyright Act) as the data shared is limited in quantity, factual in nature, already published, and for the purpose of relaying and teaching socially beneficial medical knowledge. The work is attributed to the journals that published them, with citations and links provided.


While Visualmed for iPhone and Visualmed for Android strives to provide accurate and evidence-based information, we expressly disclaim all warranties regarding information completeness and accuracy. The app serves as an educational aid and should not replace clinical judgment and medical decision-making by healthcare professionals.

If you suspect a medical condition, consult a qualified healthcare professional immediately. Visualmed encourages users to email or print content for educational purposes, but users must not repost, resell or prepare derivative works of content without written permission from Usama bin Nasir.

Visualmed may modify these terms of use periodically. By using the app, you agree to be bound by any modifications to the terms, effective after posting. We encourage you to review the terms regularly to stay updated on any changes.