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PARADISE MI Trial: Is Sacubitril/valsartan (Entresto) useful in patients with acute MI?
The PARADISE MI trial is the first of the 10 new trials …
How to keep yourself updated with the latest medical literature using the Visualmed app
Did you know that there are around 30,000 journals that are publishing …

More than 25,000 healthcare
providers Use Visualmed Every Month. Here’s Why:

Over 1,000 clinical trials Summarized.

We cover every speciality of medicine. The app is updated on monthly basis with 30-40 new landmark clinical trial summaries. We make sure to keep you up to date with the latest evidence in medicine.

All Summaries are Visual Abstracts

Most of us are visual learners and in order to quickly highlight the key points of the study, we have come up with a unique way of summarizing articles.

We Cover Every Topic

The whole idea behind Visualmed is to empower physicians to look up data when it comes to decision-making and patient care. This is why we strive to cover every topic in medicine.

Search for trials based on year of publication

The trials are categorized both by the disease/topic as well as their year of publication.

Bookmark studies for later review

Visualmed lets you easily bookmark your favourite clinical trials for later review and quick access.

Share the Graphics with Everyone!

The best part is you can download and use these visual abstracts/infographics any way you like for educational or research purposes.

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