AGE Trial Summary: Mammogram Screening for Breast Cancer

age trial mammography

AGE: Effect of mammographic screening from age 40 years on breast cancer mortality Multicenter, open label randomized comparative trial Objective: To assess if initiation of breast cancer screening with mammograms at age 40-41 reduces breast cancer mortality Women age 39-41 receiving care by a primary care 160,840 doctor associated with a study center were randomized Annual mammogram starting age 40-41 till 48y (n=53,914) Routine mammogram VS starting at age 50-52y (n=107,007) 0.18 Primary Outcomes Follow up: 10.7 years Event rates are per 1000 women-years. 0.22 Breast cancer mortality incidence rate IR 0.83; 95% CI 0.66-1.04 Secondary Outcomes 1.66 1.72 All-cause mortality incidence rate Conclusion: Initiation of mammographic screening at age 40 did not reduce breast cancer mortality when compared to screening at age 50 Moss SM, et al. The Lancet. 2006. 368(9552):2053-2060

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