ATESS Trial Summary: Vitamin C + Thiamine for Septic Shock

ATESS trial summary vitamin C thiamine septic shock

2020 ATESS TRIAL Combination therapy of vitamin C and thiamine for septic shock Multicentre, double-blind, randomized controlled trial Objective: To evaluate the effects of early combination therapy with intravenous vitamin C and thiamine on recovery from organ failure in patients with septic shock. 111 Adult patients who presented to ED and diagnosed with septic shock defined as; – Sepsis (including suspected infection); – Persisting hypotension requiring vasopressors to maintain a mear arterial pressure (MAP) 65 mmHg; – Serum lactate level>2 mmol/L despite adequate fluid challenge. patients Treatment group (n=53) Placebo group (n=58) PRIMARY OUTCOME Delta SOFA score Diff. 0; 95% CI, – 2 to 1; P=0.96 SECONDARY OUTCOME 9.4 7-day mortality % Diff -0.9; 95% CI, – 12 to 10.2; P=0.87 10.3 20.8 28-day mortality % Diff 5.2; 95% CI, – 9.1 to 19.6; P=0.47 15.5 24.5 In-hospital mortality % Diff 5.5; 95% CI, – 9.8 to – 20.9; P=0.48 Conclusion: In this study, vitamin C and thiamine administration in the early phase of septic shock did not improve organ function compared with placebo, despite improvements in vitamin C and thiamine levels. S Yeon et al. Intensive Care Med (2020) 46:2015-2025

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