EAT-ICU Trial Summary: Early Goal-Directed Nutrition in ICU Patients

eat icu trial nutrition in critically ill

2017 EAT-ICU TRIAL: Early goal-directed nutrition versus standard of care in adult intensive care patients Single centre, blinded, randomised controlled trial Objective: To evaluate the effects of early goal-directed nutrition (EGDN) vs. standard nutritional care in adult ICU patients. 203 Inclusion criteria: Acutely ICU admitted, mechanically ventilated patients, aged >18 yrs with a central venous catheter (for PN if required) expected to stay >3 days patients Early goal-directed nutrition (n=102) Standard nutrition (n=101) PRIMARY OUTCOME 22.9 Mean PCS score (Physical quality of life at 6M) Diff 0.0; 95% CI -5.9 to 5.8; P=0.99 23.0 SECONDARY OUTCOME Mortality at 6M % 34 Mortality,rates of organ failures, serious adverse reactions or infections in the ICU, length of ICU or hospital stay, or days alive without life support at 90 days did NOT DIFFER much between the two groups Conclusion: EGDN did not appear to affect physical quality of life at 6 months or other important outcomes as compared to standard nutrition care in acutely admitted, mechanically ventilated, adult ICU patients. MJ Allingstrup et al. Intensive Care Med. 2017 Nov, 43(11):1637-1647

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