EPICC Trial Summary: Intensive Physical Rehabilitation in Critically ill

EPICC Trial PT in critically ill patients

2017 EPICC TRIAL Intensive versus standard physical rehabilitation therapy in the critically illl parallel-group, assessor-blinded, randomized controlled trial Objective: To determine improvement in long-term clinical outcomes with Increased intensity ICU-based physical rehabilitation therapy as compared with standard therapy. 308 Inclusion criteria: Patients >18 years who received 48 hours of either invasive or non-invasive ventilation patients Intensive physical rehabilitation (n=150) Standard physical rehabilitation (n=158) PRIMARY OUTCOME 6M Physical Component Summary(PCS) measure of SF-36 % Intensive care: PCS Mean (SD)= 37 (12.2) Standard care: PCS Mean (SD)= 37 (11.3) Diff -1.1; 95% CI -7.1 to 5.0 SECONDARY OUTCOME Mental Component Summary measure of SF-36 % Diff -0.4; 95% CI -6.5 to 5.7 Median ICU stay-alive at discharge (in days) 13 Diff 0.3; 95% CI-4.1 to 4.8 Conclusion: ICU-based physical rehabilitation did not appear to improve physical outcomes at 6 months compared with standard physical rehabilitation. Se Wright et al. Thorax.BMJ 2018,73:213-221

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