ANRS IPERGAY Trial: Prophylaxis in men at risk of HIV

2015 ANRS IPERGAY TRIAL On-demand preexposure prophylaxis in men at high risk for HIV-1 infection Multicenter randomized, placebo controlled trial Objective: To assess if on-demand pre-exposure prophylaxis around the time of sex reduce the transmission of HIV Among men who … Read More

PEPTIC Trial Summary: PPI vs. H2 blockers for Stress Ulcers in Intubated Patients

2020 PEPTIC TRIAL Effect of stress ulcer prophylaxis with Proton pump inhibitors vs Histamine-2 receptor blockers on in-hospital mortality among ICU patients receiving invasive mechanical ventilation Pragmatic, open-label, cluster randomised crossover design trial Objective: To compare in-hospital mortality rates using … Read More